What if I have food allergies?

Please contact the church so that we can make special arrangements for meals that are provided.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Each person is responsible for booking their own hotel accommodations. You can reserve a hotel guest room or vila at Omni Amelia Island.    

I have a handicap or I am unable to climb stairs? What arrangements can be made for me?

Please contact the church to let us know what special needs you have, so that we can make the best possible arrangements for you.   

What is the attire?

Casual dress attire for the weekend. Colors will be announced for  the Dancing with the Father  ON FRIDAY NIGHT.  Wear O.N.E. NAME  t-shirts or any O.N.E. t-shirt.  It is dress down attire for Sunday service.  

What meals do I need to provide?

FRIDAY  BREAKFAST & FRIDAY DINNER will be provided and is included in your registration.  We will have a grand “Breakfast with the Father” buffet on Friday & Dinner will be provided at the “Dancing with the Father” party on Friday night! You will need to provide your own meals for any other time.   You can bring your own food to cook as well if you are staying in a villa.

What special things do I need to bring for Throne Room, Friday Night or Morning Glory on the Beach? 
Why do I need a white sheet, O.N.E. with the Father Blanket, or O.N.E. prayer Shawl?

I have to work Thursday, I will miss the 4pm registration?

No worries. Registration does not end until everyone arrives.

Any shopping outlets nearby?

There are shops on Amelia Island & Jacksonville is just minutes away. There will also be Vendors onsite Friday from 9:00 – 2:00pm. 

Don’t see the answer to your question or need further information?

Please use the contact us page and send us your question or email us at womenrocc@onewiththefather.org